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Parking Management System: Press Kit

Parking Management System

The PMS provides access control and revenue collection services on a fully automated basis. 

Stand Type LPR.png

Stand Type

LPR (License Plate Recognition)


The Stand Type LPR machine scans the license plate number to identify individual vehicles. 

In the standard package, these machines are the key equipment used to scan the front license plate. 

The LPR machines feature 99% accuracy rate for the Canadian license plates.


Ceiling Type

LPR Machine

The Ceiling Type LPR machine scans the license plate number to identify individual vehicles.

In the standard package, these machines are used to scan the rear license plate.  


Speed Boom Gate

The Speed Boom Gate is linked with the LPR machines, providing quick and easy access control.

The entire approach-and-enter process typically takes less than 1 second, providing frictionless parking experience.


Auto Pay Station

The Auto Pay Station charges accurate parking rates based on individual vehicles' duration of stay.

At the exit gate, the LPR machines identify each vehicle and activate the Auto Pay Station to calculate the parking fee. Drivers can simply tap their card to make payments.

Additional Auto Pay Stations can be placed at the lobby/elevator area for customers to pay the parking fee in advance, preventing congestion at the exit gate. 

Management PC.jpg


Software + PC

The PMS is completed with the Management Software & PC.

The software allows the parking lot operation to be managed with only a few mouse clicks. 

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