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Commerical Properties
(Parking Management System)

The PMS, installed at both the entrance and the exit, provides a revenue collection service on a fully automated basis.

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Fully Automated
Revenue Collection

As the system works on the license plate basis, the system discerns registered vehicles (monthly parking pass holders).
Subsequently, the system timestamps and collects parking revenue from hourly visitors based on the license plate number.

High Speed
Exit Process

The system completes all the tasks of scanning the license plate, retrieving the driver profile, checking against payment, and opening up the gate within 1 second.

Flexible Parking

Flexible parking strategies can be implemented without the involvement of manpower such as 10-visit parking passes and digital discount coupons for retail visitors. 

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Commerical Properties
(Parking Guidance System)

The PGS provides real-time directional guidance and video surveillance throughout the parking lot.

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Parking Guidance
& Find-My-Car

The system provides directional guidance to available stalls on a real-time basis, resulting in reduced congestion during rush hours. The system allows tenants to locate their vehicles by the license plate number.

Flexible Parking

The PGS communicates the exact location of the occupying stall to the PMS at the exit gate, which imposes various parking fee structure based on the parking zone. 

License Plate Based
Video Surveillance

The guidance cameras cover the entire parking lot, providing video surveillance without a single dead zone. Specific video footage can be retrieved by inputting the license plate number. 

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Key Components



LPR Machine

Speed Boom Gate

Auto Pay Station

Software + PC

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Guidance Cameras



Indoor Guidance

Digital Signage

Outdoor Guidance

Digital Signage

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